Why I started Milk teeth Clothing

Why I started Milk Teeth Clothing

Ill try to keep it short and sweet but here it is...

I really wanted to share my story of how Milk Teeth Clothing came about as I think it will show how appreciative I am to every single person who has supported me, sent me supportive messages, liked and commented on my social media and ultimately spent your hard earned money. It genuinely means the world to me.


So where to begin…

If you didn’t know, I’m Jordan and I have a 3 year old son called Oscar. We live in a very small seaside town in Dorset where I grew up. I always loved sewing and being creative from a very young age, I just love it! I went to uni to study a fashion degree, I met some amazing people but I found uni really hard. I had some time out and eventually did go on to complete my degree and graduate. But I struggled to find what I really wanted to do. I spent some time working in retail, which I loved, but it never seemed enough.




Fast forward to becoming a mum to my gorgeous Oscar and lets get real here, I found it HARD! Oscar made a very dramatic entrance to the world (that’s a whole other story) and nothing can prepare you for the sleepless nights, leaking boobs, and projectile vomit! I had quite severe post-natal depression for a good year, I just couldn’t understand why I was finding it so hard and everyone made it look easy. Well, never believe everything you see, especially on social media, even salt looks like sugar! 







It wasn’t until the unfortunate breakdown of my relationship a year ago that I found myself at a point in my life where I needed to do something that I really loved! I needed a distraction. Oscar was so active by this point and I was struggling to fit his chubby thighs into ‘normal’ clothes so I decided to dust off the sewing machines and make him some clothes that were comfortable. I started posting pictures of what I had made him and people began asking me if they could buy them. Cue light bulb moment! That was the turning point. I was enjoying making comfortable clothes for him so much and found there was clearly the demand for it, so I decided to throw myself in head first. This was the distraction I needed to keep myself busy when I was going through an incredibly tough time in my personal life.




I really don’t want to sound dramatic here but Milk Teeth Clothing probably saved me from heading into a really dark time. Are you a believer in everything happens for a reason? Well looking back now only 1 year later, I truly believe I had to go through something tough to push me into finding what I truly loved doing. And this is it! I adore everything about Milk Teeth Clothing, designing patterns, cutting out, endless sewing, packing and post office runs and all around my son. I’m often up late sewing and writing email drafts so I can send them in the morning so no one thinks I’m mad for replying at midnight! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following me on this journey. If I can come this far in 1 year I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for Oscar and I.

Lots of love, Jordan x


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  • Hi Jordan you should be so very proud of your achievements – I just wanted to say… that yes social media is often false and people are not as happy as they make out! It’s a false world I post for my business but try not to react to negativity and have discarded a few peeps as they didn’t support me in any way – infact some have been quite rude! But at my age it has still been hard- still fighting and standing up for what I believe in! I am who I am and am never going to Change! Advice never change for others Always be yourself! 😊💖

    CAthy PArnell

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