The Best Of 2018

The Best Of 2018 - A quick round up

I hope you had a lovely Christmas with as much food as drink as you could handle. I managed to have a few days off without doing any ‘work’ but I had relatives tell me on Christmas day “do you have to talk about work?’ yes, yes I do. What can I say I love my job.


So 2018 is nearing its end and what a year it’s been. Its been an incredible year for me personally and professionally, its had its ups and downs but I feel incredibly lucky to be ending the year on a high. So I thought I would have a little look back at the things I have learnt from the last year running my business.



I have launched quite a few new products this year, it wasn’t until I looked back that I realised quite how many. But what this year has taught me is I cannot continue to work 'made to order'. It’s just not efficient for me to do anymore to be able to balance my workload. So from January I will be ‘restocking’ items and everything will be ready to ship so you don’t have to wait as long to get your items. It’s a win win! 



I rely heavily on social media for my business and Instagram is amazing for small businesses like mine. But sometimes its hard not to get bogged down with the numbers but believe me it really doesn’t matter how many followers you have. Concentrate on the ones that do follow you because they are there for a reason. Ive had my ups and down with Instagram during the year and I have had to learn to take it all with a pinch of salt, especially the people that ask me how to copy my business! (Seriously!) Im all for supporting small businesses, I purchase from them often and have found some incredibly talented people through Instagram. Ultimately I find it a free space to express my creativity and that is the best thing about it. Its fun, and thats how it should be. 


A huge highlight for me this year was back in the Summer, I was incredibly lucky to be approached by the lovely guys at Fourth Wall Media to be filmed for a short video about what I do. I know I do the old cringe stories on Instagram now and again but I can use a filter for that and lets just say I was not comfortable in front of the camera! But they were so lovely and professional even though they had to work with me being so awkward and a stray toddler. Have a watch below.



I'm still struggling to realise quite how far I have come in only one year. 2018 has been very good to me. Dare I say I am quite proud of myself. I have worked incredibly hard continuously for the last year and I have struggled to switch off over Christmas. The biggest thing I have learnt from 2018 is how much doing what I love has changed me as a person. I have a much more positive outlook on life and cannot thank you enough for allowing me to do this every day.


I just want to finish by saying that without you, yes you reading this, I wouldn't be able to do what I love the most in the world and call it a job. Every like, share, comment, tag, recommendation, review and purchase genuinely means the world to me. Nothing goes unnoticed so thank you. I am incredibly grateful. So here's to more Instagram stories in 2019 (because I know you love them LOL), new product launches (one is coming very soon) and doing more of what you love.


2018 you've been a blast, 2019 I'm ready for you.

Jordan x



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